Guide On Leveling Gags Solo

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Guide On Leveling Gags Solo

Post by Phantom~ on Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:36 am

Hello, I'm here to help anyone that's soloing and want a good guide on leveling so here it goes
So some people would like to solo in TTR and it can be hard considering Doodle is not out yet so I broke it down to 3 steps

Step 1:
Best possible way to be good soloing is training a bit so I found most easy way to do so is train a bit for every town you go to,
For TTC(Toontown Central)*If you plan on Soloing I highly recommend getting sound or even go toon-less. After you have chosen go ahead and finish up TTC

Step 2:
Ok now the first part of Training gags, get level 4-5 Gags before entering DD, and then move on to DG.(Train on the Streets of TTC with Invasion)
For MML make sure to have level 6 gags(All Level 6 this can take lots of training but worth it)
After MML comes the worse town The Brrgh(Step 3 Will make this easier) Ok so try to get at least 1 or 2 gags to level 7 that might make things easier.
For DDL max All gags(Farm VP For SOS cards also or you will go sad when you need to do level 5 bldg)
Step 3
Step 3 might be one of the most important which gag to get first and why.
1st Track Sound or Toon-Up?- GET SOUND FIRST YOU IDIOT, I'm joking but if you where to go solo why get toon up? It's useless and it's just there plus sound will be a key part for future places like MML, The Brrgh, DDL. Sound hits all cogs which is important for solo Reasons why Foghorn max can get rid of level 6 and below kinda useless for high level cog place but nice to have.
2nd Lure or Drop?-Get Drop Get Drop Get Drop I know you might say why drop it's stressful misses and Lure can help a lot. You're right but lure is a pain also reason I say drop is because you'll be in DG, and MML next and if you train like step 2 says you will fly by quick this is mostly to get you out of DG and MML soloing with no problem. Piano can do 170 Damage THAT MEANS LEVEL 11 AND BELOW INSTANTLY DIE(Sadly this is only true if max, and you wish to go through that trouble)
3rd Toon Up or Lure?- Ok so this might be complicated since MML doesn't let you chose Lure you have to go trap(Or Tu if you don't wish to solo the rest) Reason why this complicated is because I plan this for people that farm vp before the brrgh and have SoSS Lure and wont need lure yet so getting trap just because you have to, Nothing really more to that if you don't wish to farm vp and get SoS Lure or Sound just Fuck 2nd choice and get Lure then get trap in MML It's up to you but warning NO DOODLES. So that means using trap on a round with idk 4 level 10 cogs - They could do up to 20 damage to you
each SO Think about it.
4th Toon Up or Lure? Ok So we're at the end this is the good part Toon up or Lure? Go ahead and get Toon up...... NO GET LURE OF COURSE TOON UP IS USELESS FOR SOLOING GOSH PEOPLE YOU SHOULD HAVE IT BY NOW. Ok sorry but anyways just get Lure and move on up not much here
5th Guide for DDL - Ok so this is how I did it on TTO I got all trophies with bugs and glitch that'll be hard so I found another way Max that Lure max that Throw and lure and throw combo this works perfectly for solo also MAKE SURE YOU ORGANIC LURE SO THAT IF YOU RELIVE ON IT IT'LL WORK! Also if you don't wish to do this Simple farming of VP can work
Now you done all this your saying PHANTOM I FUCKING SOLO I'M A BOSS.....Ok cool now solo all the HQ, the lure & throw combo/w SoS, the SoS I recommend is Sound, Lure, and Restock Throw and Lure(This is important SoS or Unite Id really care because then the Lure&Throw combo is useful), also Toon up that is useful for if you miss and need a toon up bad only toon when really need it because Tooning cogs can just make you lose that same health or more. Now I might had miss somethings oh well comment if I did I hope this work I did this to solo on my TTO (I was a cat with 137 laff max everything from drop to lure i never was able to Solo BossBot HQ, Or CJ I GUESS I SUCK.(Doodles please come they help)



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