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Clan Rules

Post by Phantom~ on Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:07 pm

Our Clan Rules everyone gets 3 warnings
Xat Rules:
1:Don't advertise other clans or chat site doing this will be instant 3 Hour ban
2: Don't be rude and bully other members 1st time will be kick 2nd time Ban for 2 Hours, 3rd time you'll be ban for 3 days
3:Respect Mods&Owners if you don't, you'll be ban for 1 hour

TTR Corgi Rules:
Not much info on this but to avoid bad mouthing of our clan name don't be mean to other toons and be nice if I hear word that you was bully, being rude I'll warn you everyone gets 4x warnings
Forum Rules
1:Don't spam on topics
2:Don't show nudity content instant ban
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